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Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting

About Us

Our dream to start a pet care company began in the Late Summer of 2015. A lifetime of owning and caring for animals has driven our desire to work in the pet care field. Using the knowledge gained from working with pets through volunteering, training, and pet sitting positions allowed us to put together the ideas to what we looked to provide for our own company. With our dog Sir Mc'Fluffin Stuff as a big part of our inspiration, it was only right that his name be a part of the company, hence the name Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting. Our passion for animal care and pursuit of excellence in providing quality services has allowed our company to grow from seeing 1 or 2 clients weekly to having over 100+ repeating clients and providing services for 200+ pets of all species!  With training from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters on business management, animal safety, and animal behavior, we look to continue our best to push the company forward and continue to provide quality pet care to the Broad Ripple Community. We look forward to you joining the Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting Family!

Trained to Provide Quality Pet Care

We work directly with clients to determine the necessities for you pets. We emphasize helping maintain any daily dietary, walking schedule, or training routine our clients may have for each of their fur babies. Our goal is make a lasting relationship with our client's pets and treat them like part of our family!

Trained in Animal Behavior

One of our goals in proving quality pet care is ensuring our clients pets recieive postive reinforcement for good behavior. We work with our clients to determine behaviors they want to continue to encourage and work with the pets to help them acheive those behavioral goals. NAPPS Certification includes courses and continued learning opportunities in Animal Behavior, Positive Reinforment, and Behavioral Modification.

Training in Animal Health and Safety

NAPPS Training includes an in-depth 16-week course covering all topics relevant to pet health and safety, including vaccination information, nutrition, and a complete pet first aid course. Continous training includes courses in recognizing potential illnesses and troublesome behaviors, adminiting medications, treating symptoms, and information on common illnesses with cats and dogs.

Meet Our Family

  1. Melinda Condon
    Owner and Head of Operations. She handles all consultations, scheduling, and Pet Care Management. Her responsibilities are to work with clients directly to assess needs and ensure we provide quality service 100% of the time. She is trained and certified by National Association of Pet Sitters.
  2. B-Magic
    Pit Mix
    Magic was adopted in October of 2014. Our big boy has a big appetite for treats and love'n! When he is not seeking affection or begging for a Monon walk, he is either playing with his friends or taking a nap with his sister, Tay Tay.
  3. Kyle Benbow
    Co-Owner. Kyle handles all invoicing, client communications, and pet care operations. His responsibilities includes sending invoices and insuring customers are up-to-date on all that is going on within the company.
  4. Sir Mc'Fluffin Stuff
    Collie Mix
    Our oldest dog, Fluff, was adopted in February of 2013. Fluff is a people loving, highly playful pup. He plays host when we have our pet friends' over, and always enjoys the company of many of his furry friends!
  5. Tay Tay
    Tay-Tay found us in August of 2016. The shy, quiet, little girl blossomed into a spunky, outgoing, superstar, diva dog! Tay Tay has developed a reputation in Broad Ripple thanks to her Instagram account @TayTay_Indypomchi.
  6. Nihili
    Nihili literally showed up on the doorstep of our home and made herself very comfortable. She is Tay Tay's best friend running around with her older sister if she isn't make new friends with our guests.